Woody Woodmansey (drums)

My favourite drummers were Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker, Keith

Moon, Sandy Nelson & John Bonham.

One of the best local bands in Hull were a band called The

Rats led by a local lad, Mick Ronson, a brilliant guitarist.

They played mostly Hendrix, Zeppelin, Beck, Cream and blues stuff.

So I became a Rat. We gigged,usually supporting major acts that played

in the area. Good memories!

In 1969, Mick left Hull to join David Bowie in London. A short

time later Bowie phoned me and said Mick says you’re a great drummer,

I want you to come and join us.

So we started, at first as David Bowie and Hype, later as the Spiders.

We worked hard and played hard, brilliant times with tours, TV and

radio. Rock and Roll history bla bla!

After this period I formed a band called U-Boat, which eventually

sank without trace!! Then I did a Spiders album with the other half

of the Bowie rhythm section, Trevor Bolder.Since then I’ve had

numerous musical adventures including:

Dexys Midnight Runners, Art Garfunkel, one off projects with

Paul McCartney & Edgar Winter.


July 2006: Just finished an ablum with Gillian Glover, produced

by Tom Wilcox. Album will be released in April 2007 followed by

short tour in April, album called ‘Red Handed.


February 2007: Finished drum album, recorded it in LA with

sons Nick and Dan. It’s called Future Primitive and we’re

called 3-D. Guess world fusion best sums it up, with drum

bass, hip hop, funk, latin and tribal influences. About to

start rehearsals for the ‘live’ show. Hope to be gigging soon, will

keep you info’d. Check out our sounds and dvd ‘The Making of

Future Primitive’ at www.myspace.com/3dproject


Above is from Woody’s site http://www.woodywoodmansey.co.uk/